Unfortunately, due to the ongoing disruptions and the post covid recovery within the aviation sector, and the resulting high volume of delayed and miss handled baggage, it is taking much longer than usual to process these bags. We ask you to send your enquiry via EMAIL US NOW (admin1@globalbaggage.co.uk – including your reference number) and we will respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

All departments within airports are working hard repatriating airlines delayed luggage, and we will reply to emails within 24 hours. Alternatively if you know your file reference number please follow the airline links to check for any updates.

If you require an up to date status of your luggage delivery, please contact your airline appointed courier company via https://gbsenquires.com/courier/

If your enquiry is about lost property or item left on board an aircraft, please contact your airline’s lost property company via https://gbsenquires.com/lost-property/

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.


Track Your Luggage? Find it now!
Please use your unique 10 digits baggage reference number (e.g LHRXX12345) that was given or emailed to you, for tracing your luggage.

Use our World Tracer tracking system using your 10-digit unique reference number and surname, and check the status of your luggage.

To make further enquires by email or contact our Customer Service Executives.

Once the luggage has entered the delivery process it will be given to the airlines allocated ground courier companies to arrange delivery.

Airline, airport, transport or weather conditions which may affect an airports operation or the luggage delivery.

Find your lost property within our lost property section within the navigation.