Global Baggage Solutions Ltd is an independently owned company providing solutions to multiple aviation services for airlines and handling agents.
We provide the first point of contact, assisting airline customers who have experienced problems with their checked in baggage during their journey. Our experienced staff are trained to deal with customers in an efficient and courteous manner; our aim is to alleviate a negative and stressful situation for the customer.

Our call centre provides a cost efficient solution to mass volume baggage enquires. We provide customers with a seamless service, answering telephone enquiries concerning their misplaced baggage, sending text alert updates to ensure the customer is always updated with the latest information.
The call centre is staffed by experienced agents who have had previous experience with ground handling agents or an airline’s baggage facility department.

We use WorldTracer to assist in the rapid recovery of misrouted passenger baggage; this allows information exchange between ground handling agents and airlines worldwide. This also allows the customer to trace their misrouted baggage via the internet should they wish.